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WATCH: ‘I’m ready for you. I don’t know if you’re ready for me’ – Kris Aquino to Mocha Uson
WATCH: ‘I’m ready for you. I don’t know if you’re ready for me’ – Kris Aquino to Mocha Uson
'This is about a woman who never knew [Cory and Ninoy]…but who continues to besmirch their name,' says Kris of Mocha

MANILA, Philippines – Hours after lashing out against Mocha Uson on social media, “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino went live on (where else) Facebook to lash out in real time against the presidential communications assistant secretary for continuously maligning the memory of Kris’ parents.

On her official Facebook account on Tuesday evening, June 5, Kris again called out Mocha for spreading misinformation about her parents, the late former president Corazon Aquino, and slain former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

She even challenged Mocha to meet her “any time and any where.” (READ: Mocha Uson: Fake news victim or fake news peddler?)

She also suggested they could re-enact a scene in the movie Four Sisters and a Wedding, wherein Angel Locsin’s character pulled the hair of Mocha’s character and dragged her on the restaurant floor and out on the sidewalk.

Earlier on June 5, Kris posted a video on Instagram with a caption that called out Mocha after the latter posted a video excerpt that showed two women kissing Ninoy Aquino minutes before he stepped out of the plane and was assassinated on the tarmac of the Manila international airport on August 21, 1983. Mocha posted it to defend President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial kiss with a Filipina during a presidential event in South Korea.

If Kris was no-holds-barred in her social media post, she went all-out while live from Japan, where she was celebrating her eldest son Josh’s birthday.

“This is a direct challenge to you. Text me, you can find my number, it’s so easy. Name the place, name the location, let’s carry it live. Bring all your followers…. I can stand alone,” said Kris, while pressing on Mocha on “stop” picking on two people who are already dead – referring to her parents.

“I do not seek elective office…. I do not score brownie points by doing this. In fact, by doing this, there are some companies that might back out of contracts,” she said.

Kris added: “This is about Cory and Ninoy Aquino. This is about a woman who never new them…but who continues to besmirch their name. Girl, ako na lang. Kayang-kaya ko (Pick on me instead. I can handle it).”

Watch the entire video, as posted on Kris’ Facebook, here:

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