For Kelly Hu, age is a badge of honor

Alexa Villano
For Kelly Hu, age is a badge of honor
'I want women out there to be proud. I want women to be proud of how old they are,' says Kelly

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the influx of compliments on her youth, actress Kelly Hu is the first to say she’s proud to turn 50 this year.

“You know what’s so funny is because I have so many actual medical issues with my skin. The fact that people would bring that up all the time, it amazes me,” said Kelly, known for her roles as Cassandra in The Scorpion King and Lady Deathsrike in X2, during a Q and A with the fans at the Toycon 2018 at the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Arena on Friday, June 8.

To the actress, age isn’t just a number, but a “badge of honor.”

“I tell everybody because I want people, I want women out there to be proud… I’m rewriting what 50 should be and not going by what society or anybody tells me I should be… but I feel like you should be able to dress, act however you feel,” she said.

Kelly also doesn’t shy away from talking about choosing not to have children.

“I mean kids are great, I love them, you know, but I have the best life and I’m just so happy. I think that’s really what helps is just my attitude on life. I think I have the best life anybody in the world and that sort of [thing,] I think radiates,” she said.


On going up against Hugh Jackman in X2

LADY DEATHSTRIKE. Kelly says working with Hugh Jackman was blast when they did 'X2,' back in the 2003.

At the press conference before the fan meeting, Kelly was asked about working with Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. In X2, she played Lady Deathstrike, his nemesis. 



“Usually I get asked what it was like to kiss the Rock,” she said in amusement. “Hugh Jackman is such an amazing dude. He’s such a nice guy, such a gentleman.”

“He was not even a martial artist, he’s a dancer. And it was all new to him. I think he kind of held his own. He did okay,” she said. 

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