The internet delivered when Jameson Blake asked for free graphic design services
The internet delivered when Jameson Blake asked for free graphic design services
The Hashtags member has a lot of options to choose from

MANILA, Philippines – Jameson Blake asked, and the internet delivered – though perhaps not in the way he expected.

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and member of the boy group Hashtags took to Twitter on July 4 looking for graphic designers to create a banner image for his social media accounts.

In exchange, he offered a shout out.

“Any graphic designers here? Who’s willing to make me a cover photo/banner for ex. YoutTube, twitch. I need a banner with the username “LucidExpress.” Best one gets a shout out from me,” Jameson said in the since-deleted tweet.

Perhaps being so accustomed to dealing with non-paying clients, many graphic artists knew exactly the kind of work that is worth a social media shout out:

Jameson has since apologized for his original tweet, explaining that he wasn’t forcing anyone to design anything for him.

“I apologize to all the graphic designers thinking I’m trying to degrade their art work for something little as a ‘shout-out.’ I know graphic designing isn’t an easy job and it requires a lot of work,” he said in a new tweet.

“I was basically seeking volunteers, no one HAD to do it. I wasn’t obligating anyone to make one. It was just a favor. Probably a shout out would have done nothing but I could have returned the favor by promoting the artwork. Promoting in ways for the artwork to be known and exposed and you ever know, people would actually like it,” he added.

Ultimately, Jameson got what he asked for: a banner with the username “LucidExpress.”

He also perhaps got more than he bargained for – that is, a social media lesson on the real price of good graphic design. –

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