What makes ’Girl in the Orange Dress’ different, as shared by Jessy Mendiola

What makes ’Girl in the Orange Dress’ different, as shared by Jessy Mendiola
Jessy stars in the upcoming romantic comedy opposite Jericho Rosales

MANILA, Philippines – The Girl in the Orange Dress has all the makings of a hit rom-com, from the intriguing title, to the beautiful leads, to a quirky storyline.

As far as Filipino romance movies go, the movie certainly seems stands out – particularly for star Jessy Mendiola, because it’s unlike anything she’s ever done.

“It’s very different from all the roles I’ve done before. I’m used to sexy, to drama. This one is very light, very happy, very different,” she told Rappler in an interview at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Parade of Stars on December 23.

The film is about a famous celebrity, played by Jericho Rosales, who falls in love with a “regular person,” Jessy’s character.

The film is even more special for Jessy because “it landed on my lap during the time I felt that nothing was left for me, so yeah, when I got the script, I said yes right away.”

Jericho described working with Jessy simply as “fun,” and said that he really had fun portraying his character.

The stars said that the audience can expect to leave the cinema happy. Jericho shared that when they had a special screening the night before, the viewers had we all “smiles, kilig.”

While inviting fans to see their film, Jericho teased “a lot of surprises” in store, with some of his and Jessy’s close friends supposedly appearing in cameos.

The film is set to hit theaters on December 25 at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018. – Rappler.com

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