Oscar predictions: Best Animated Feature Film

As we countdown to the Academy Awards on February 24, our experts dish on who may emerge the big winners

MAY THE BEST CARTOON WIN. 'Brave' won the Golden Globe, but the Oscar could go to 'Wreck-It-Ralph.' Image from the 'Brave' Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – It’s the homestretch of the awards season, as we count down to the 85th Academy Awards on February 24 (February 25, Manila time). The Oscars are the final awards event and probably the biggest Hollywood event of the year.

Awards Season: Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets

This week, our film experts Carljoe Javier and Francis Quina give their predictions on the main categories per day. 

Guess who: Predicting the new Oscar winners

Best Animated Feature Film nominees:

1. ‘Frankenweenie’

2. ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’

3. ‘Wreck It Ralph’

4. ‘ParaNorman’

5. ‘Brave’

Carljoe Javier: I didn’t get to see all the entries for this category, but among them my heart is with “Wreck It Ralph.” This might be because the film felt that it was made for me and my ilk, kids who came up in the ’80s, loving video games. 

I think that a lot of voters will relate with this film, and its broader appeal despite its drawing from a specific subculture will give it some strong backing. 

I loved “Brave,” but I can’t help but feel that it was more of a Disney movie than a Pixar flick. Granted that it has some of the subversive elements that are part of Pixar, but it did feel very Disney.

So I’m going with “Wreck It Ralph,” because it had such strong buzz and resonated with such a big number of people. 

Francis Quina: I have to disagree with Carljoe and call this one for “Brave.” It won at the Golden Globes and is the most accessible of the movies in this category since it’s built on the long tradition of Disney princess movies.

Sure, it isn’t the typical Pixar movie we’ve come to love and expect, but it’s still got the Pixar touch; by which I mean it’s technically flawless with a lot of heart.   

Wreck It Ralph” also has those things in spades, but its deep roots in ’80s video games might alienate many an Oscar voter, whom I expect aren’t that steeped in console games, whether now or 30 years ago.

“ParaNorman” and “Frankenweenie were fine but too similar to each other in tone and feel that voters might have a hard time distinguishing one from the other. 

Meanwhile, “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” while lovely in its claymation-ness, can’t compete with CG animation which is the now the norm for animated features. Sad, because I am a fan of claymation.

But alas, ours is a broken world. – Rappler.com   

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(Carljoe Javier doesn’t know why people think he’s a snarky film critic who spends his time dashing the hopes of filmgoers. He thinks he’s not all that bad, really. He teaches at the State U, writes books, and studies film, comics, and video games…Then again, those people could be right.

Francis Quina teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and English in UP Diliman.)

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