Rihanna sues father over use of Fenty name

Rihanna sues father over use of Fenty name
Her father and his business partner had allegedly been duping investors into thinking the singer was involved in a company called Fenty Entertainment

MANILA, Philippines – Singer, makeup mogul, and lingerie master Rihanna sued her father for allegedly deceiving people into thinking she’s in his company, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  

The company in question is called Fenty Entertainment. Familiar? Fenty, of course, is a name Rihanna arguably made famous after she launched her own makeup line and later, a lingerie line. Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Her father’s full name is Ronald Fenty. 

While the name Fenty obviously isn’t just Rihanna’s, the singer is suing her father and his business partner, Moses Joktan Perkins, who told investors that Rihanna herself was involved in the business. She isn’t. 

Rihanna is suing for false designation of origin, false advertising, and invasion of her rights to privacy and publicity, among other claims, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“She’s asking the court for a declaration that defendants can’t use the Fenty trademark or any other term that is confusingly similar to her name and that they can’t falsely promote a business affiliation with her, as well as an injunction barring them from such activities and damages,” it added.

Fenty Entertainment was apparently launched in 2017. Rihanna has been using the Fenty name in relation to her businesses since 2012.  

Her father and Perkins apparently accepted a deal with SBS Entertainment for a $15.4-million contract for Rihanna to perform 15 shows in Latin America and two 15-minute sets at Calibash. Fenty Entertainment made it seem that both Rihanna and Roc Nation, her management, gave the go signal for the deal.

Rihanna, through her lawyers, had apparently asked both Fenty and Perkins to cease and desist several times, but these appeals went unanswered. – Rappler.com

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