Gretchen Barretto claims Kris Aquino approached Claudine to ’tag team’ vs her
Gretchen Barretto claims Kris Aquino approached Claudine to ’tag team’ vs her
Gretchen also reiterates her allegations against Kris – that the latter helped businesswoman Alice Eduardo with her tax troubles

MANILA, Philippines – Gretchen Barretto isn’t done yet.

The one-time actress lashed out against host and “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino in an Instagram post on Tuesday, January 22, insisting on the allegations she earlier made on the latter.

“Want to see a classic example of a non-denial denial?” asked Gretchen, posting a screenshot of a statement issued by Kris’ lawyers following Gretchen’s allegations that Kris had intervened in the alleged tax cases of a certain Alice Eduardo. (READ: Meddling in tax cases? Kris Aquino denies Gretchen Barretto’s allegations)

Gretchen claimed that Kris helped Alice Eduardo, founder and head of Sta Elena Construction and Development Corporation, when she supposedly got into tax trouble while Kris’ brother, Benigno Aquino III, was president.

“Notice how shrewd and deceptive her divine lawyers are by qualifying that the Queen of All Fixers did not intervene for Aliceinwonderland in any PENDING tax case. Obviously, the sawsaw tax case happened during Miss Henares’ stint as BIR Commissioner, who also happens to be currently the Queen of All Fixer’s personal accountant,” said Gretchen, referring to both Kris and Alice. Kris, through her lawyers, had denied Gretchen’s allegations.

Kris earlier retaliated by showing to her followers the amount of taxes she had been paying in the past years. In 2011, Kris was the country’s biggest individual tax payer.

She has yet to respond to Gretchen’s new round of allegations.

‘Tag team’

Gretchen also accused Kris of something else – working with her family and sister Claudine to “destroy” her.

“And what’s this I heard from inside her camp? She called up Claudine to tell my parents that she will file a case against me and put me to jail and asked them for help in destroying me. What is this, a tag team wrestling match? Can’t a ‘Queen’ handle it herself?” said Gretchen, who has a tricky relationship with younger sister Claudine.

“At least si Nicko, she said, ‘ipapapatay kita sa pamilya ko (I’ll have you killed by my family). With me, she wants ‘ipapapatay kita sa pamilya MO (I’ll have you killed by your own family) And of course ARTEcaria Queen couldn’t help to look in the mirror and say she was previously a number one taxpayer. But why should we care about that when you helped fix Aliceinwonderland Eduardo hefty amount of taxes?” added Gretchen.

Claudine has since denied her older sister’s allegations. “Not true at all. May sakit pareho parents ko (Both of my parents are sick). It doesn’t make sense. Thank you for letting me know,” she told entertainment website Pep.

The ongoing Kris and Gretchen saga is a spinoff of another legal and social media battle – that of Kris and her former manager, Nicko Falcis. Kris has accused Nicko of stealing money from her, an allegation Nicko denied.

The case has since branched off into a cyberlibel case Kris filed against Nicko’s brother Jesus Falcis. The brothers have also filed a grave threat case against Kris, for allegedly making death threats against Nicko.

How does Gretchen fit into the mix? She had made a series of seemingly random posts declaring her support for Nicko amid his legal battle against Kris. –

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