Oscar predictions: Best Supporting Actor

Will it be Christoph Waltz or Tommy Lee Jones again? Or Alan Arkin? We'll find out on February 24.

IT COULD BE ARKIN. For Francis Quina, Alan Arkin was easily the 'best actor' in 'Argo.' Photo from the 'Argo' Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – At the 85th Oscar Awards on February 24 (February 25 Manila time), the Best Supporting Actor nominees are:

1. Philip Seymour Hoffman – ‘The Master’

2. Robert de Niro – ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

3. Alan Arkin – ‘Argo’

4. Tommy Lee Jones – ‘Lincoln’

5. Christoph Waltz – ‘Django Unchained’

Carljoe Javier: Where Best Supporting Actress was easy, Best Supporting Actor leaves me stumped.

We’ve got a number of names here that we would expect not only vying for, but actually taking home the Best Actor Oscar. De Niro? Hoffman? Tommy Lee Jones? And then you throw in Arkin and Waltz, too? Seriously? This set of nominees is insane.

Early buzz shows De Niro is strong for his work in “Silver Linings Playbook.” 

I will go and just choose out of fun here and say I would love to see Alan Arkin being recognized for “Argo.” He has so many little nuances to his character, making him transcend stereotype and keeping him utterly believable as well as hilarious.

Francis Quina: I have to agree with Carljoe that this is an amazing list of actors. And if I’m not mistaken, each of them has won an Oscar at some point in their career, or at least been nominated.

De Niro seems like a safe choice for the award, since Oscar voters love a comeback (And after the last few movies De Niro has done, his small role in “Silver Linings Playbook” might just feel like one). So is Arkin, who was easily the best actor in “Argo,” but that’s not saying a lot. 

My money is on Christoph Waltz walking away with the trophy for “Django Unchained.” You have to remember that Oscar voters love showy, flashy performances (hence the uglify or prostitute theory for actresses). In the list of nominees for this award, Waltz’s is the flashiest. – Rappler.com


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(Carljoe Javier doesn’t know why people think he’s a snarky film critic who spends his time dashing the hopes of filmgoers. He thinks he’s not all that bad, really. He teaches at the State U, writes books, and studies film, comics, and video games…Then again, those people could be right.

Francis Quina teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and English in UP Diliman.)

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