Kris Aquino hits Phillip Salvador over ‘naloko’ skit: ‘I made the mistake of loving you’
'What does that make of your son? Produkto siya ng panloloko?'

KRIS ON PHILIP. Kris Aquino calls out Philip Salvador for his involvement in the skit with Bong Go, saying he made a joke out of their son Joshua. Screenshot from Instagram/@krisaquino

MANILA, Philippines – After hitting a senatorial candidate for namedropping her in skits during his campaign sorties, media mogul Kris Aquino redirected her aim towards former flame Phillip Salvador, the father of her eldest son. 

Speaking via Facebook Live on Wednesday evening, February 27, Kris hit her former boyfriend for being part of the skit in the first place.  

Tatay ka ni JoshAng mali ko kasi is I let you off easilyPinuri pa kita,” Kris said. “Kasi kinompare pa kita sa tatay ni Bimb kasi ang sinabi ko, buti ka pa, hindi mo kami ginulo.”

(You’re Josh’s father. My mistake is I let you off easily. I even praised you. I even compared you to Bimb’s father, and I said that at least you didn’t bother us.)

Sana inisip mo that line, ‘Naloko mo si Kris Aquino.’ What does that make of your son? Produkto siya ng panloloko?” (I hope you thought of that line, ‘You managed to fool Kris Aquino.’ What does that make of your son? The product of your deceit?)

Kris had said on Instagram that she was hurt by the skits done by Phillip and senatorial candidate Bong Go during campaign sorties. When it was Bong’s turn to campaign, he’d joke around with Philip and say that the actor is an “adopted father of Davao City” because he left behind 4 children in the city.

The former Duterte aide would then quip that Philip, an action star in his heyday, even managed to “fool” Kris (“Naloko mo nga si Kris Aquino“). 

The skit has been a regular at campaign sorties, where candidates typically pitch their legislative and policy plans to voters. The senatorial bet has since apologized to Kris for the joke, saying that they just wanted to make people happy.

“If I’m just part of a skit or part of a joke or part of a way to entertain people, what kind of a country is this?” Kris said on Wednesday.

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Kris’ mistake

Kris assured her viewers that she won’t use the issue to her political advantage. She said as much to Go himself. 

“I hope you remember that in the midst of your campaign, there’s a 23-year-old boy who is special, who is autistic, who watches you, and I’m directing this message to Phillip Salvador,” she said, pointing out that Josh is a person who “does not see bad in the world.” 

Tapos gagawin ninyong biro? Gagawin ninyong punchline na naloko si Kris Aquino? Nanahimik ako for so long because I thought you were a good man…. Pero mali eh. Mali na nga na kinalimutan mo si Josh. That’s not a big deal because I’ve done a good job raising him. Pero mali na ginagawa mong biro ang anak ko,” she said.

(And then you turn it into a joke? You make a punchline out of ‘Kris Aquino was fooled’? I’ve been quiet for so long because I thought you were a good man…. But this is wrong. It’s already wrong that you forgot about Josh. But that’s not a big deal because I’ve done a good job raising him. But it’s also wrong that you make a joke out of my son.) 

Kris initially said she didn’t deserve to be the butt of their jokes, but quickly took it back: “Actually no, I deserve that. I made the mistake of falling for you. I made the mistake of loving you,” she said. 

“Pero sana man lang, ‘yung batang minahal ka, ‘yung bata na 7 years na hindi ka nakikita pero nakikita ko…sana man lang siya naisip mo (But I hope you think about the child who loves you, the child who hasn’t seen you in 7 years),” she added–