WATCH: UDD’s Armi Millare gets a Michael V makeover
Have you listened to Ay Karma 'Yan's newest single, 'Uh-Oh'?

UDD SPOOF. 'Eat Bulaga' comedian Michael V takes on a new role. Screenshot from Eat Bulaga's Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Up Dharma Down’s Armi Millare seems to be sporting a new look and a different creative direction with the band – in her spoof form, that is. 

Comedian Michael V stars as the lead singer of the band “Ay Karma ‘Yan” and star of the music video for the single “Oo.” This time, however, it has a more… culinary route.

The song is now called “Uh-Oh,” a sultry jam on the kitchen perils of losing your one and only kalan. 

Armi herself seems to approve, sharing an excerpt of the video on Instagram stories. –