Claudine Barretto surprises sister Gretchen for her birthday
Claudine Barretto surprises sister Gretchen for her birthday
'I missed you,' Claudine tells Gretchen on Instagram

MANILA, Philippines – It appears that Claudine and Gretchen Barretto have truly buried the hatchet.

The once-estranged sisters were spotted having dinner together only a few weeks ago, and now, Claudine has taken their reconciliation to the next level by giving her ate a birthday surprise.

A video shared by Claudine on Instagram on March 7 shows the younger Barretto turning up to her sister’s birthday gathering with a bunch of balloons. Based on everyone’s reactions, her attendance was a happy surprise.

Gretchen immediately ran to her sister and gave her a hug, saying “I thought you won’t come eh.”

“Not for anything,” Claudine replied, handing her one of the balloon arrangements as Gretchen’s guests cheered.

“She thought I was not going to see her on her birthday. I ended up not going home,” Claudine wrote in the caption of her post. “I missed you, [Gretchen].”

The two sisters have had a notoriously rocky relationship. Their feud exploded publicly in 2013, when Gretchen claimed that Claudine suffered from a mental illness and drug problems – an allegation that both Claudine and their mother Inday vehemently denied.

Gretchen also sided with Claudine’s ex-husband Raymart Santiago, who was accused by Claudine of domestic abuse.

For a time it seemed like the two sisters had grown too distant to patch things up – but in February 2019, the two were spotted having dinner together with Claudine’s children. Both sisters posted videos on their Instagram stories, with Claudine saying, “I’m very, very happy tonight because of my ate.” –

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