‘Sino Ang Maysala’ stars on tackling sense of justice in the show

‘Sino Ang Maysala’ stars on tackling sense of justice in the show


Bela Padilla and Sandino Martin weigh in on the meaning of the justice their characters face on the show

MANILA, Philippines – In Sino Ang Maysala, 6 friends find a fun night go awry when they accidentally bump a woman carrying a baby girl. Faced with the prospects of losing their licenses as new lawyers, they decided to hide their mistake by burying her. Juris (Bela Padilla) then takes the baby girl and raises her, as its mom Fina (Jodi Sta Maria) vowed to look for her missing daughter and fight for her right.

Aside from the the confrontation between Juris and Fina, Juris’ other friends – Andrei (Tony Labrusca), Gaylord (Sandino Martin), Greco (Kit Thompson), Lolita (Ivana Alawi), and Bogs (Ketchup Eusebio) face their own issues after the hit-and-run accident.

During an interview with cast members Bela Padilla and Sandino Martin on April 22, Rappler asked their thoughts on the concept of justice and the characters they play on the show.

Bela said: “I just feel like not even as lawyers but as people, sometimes we all make decisions on situations we are at the moment. That’s what is the whole show is about – sinong may sala (whose fault is it) because in every episode, you’re gonna have to decide for yourself. “

“I think justice is always changing depending on where you are in your life also and it shouldn’t be like that. So, I like that we’re doing a show like this which is different and really tries to tackle many things. The story won’t just revolve around the characters and the family issues but you will also see cases that I hope people learn from.”

CONVICTION. Bela Padilla plays Juris, a woman who raises a child as a repent for an accident she was a witness to.

Bela said that viewers will be faced with situations that might hinder them from doing what is right as other people weigh in.

“I guest the show will tell people that yes, you are human and yes there will be things that will stop you from doing right but eventually, you have to keep choosing what is right.”

REPENT. Juris (Bela Padilla) finds herself repenting by taking care of the baby. Screenshot from YouTube/ABS CBN Entertainment

Sandino, who takes on his first lead role in a TV show as Gaylord Mamaril, said that the issues they tackle on the show are relevant to today’s society.

“For me, the things that we know that is right or the people that we know have right morals, that doesn’t mean that in their whole life it would be right, it would be morally upright.  Once they tasted power, once they tasted fame, once thy’ve tasted money then everything will change because marami ng consequences eh (there are many consequences),” he said.

So doon ko nakikita (So that’s where I see) how power, how hunger, how our goals can change. That goes to anybody – politicians, normal people, aspiring for a higher position. If we aspire for a higher and highter position, there will be changes. More than we think of justice as a symbols of this project, which is really the center of it, it’s how as individuals can we put our feet on the ground and just be present and act normal.”

FIRST LEAD ROLE. Sandino Martin stars as Gaylord Mamaril, one of the 6 who is forced to keep the incident a secret. This is the first lead role on television for Sandino.

The actor believes that the concept of right and wrong will be definitely be challenged when viewers see the show.

“Both of the parties have their right and wrong, their standards of right and wrong,” he said referring to the roles of Bela and Jodi.

“It’s us as the audience [who ask], sino tayo doon? Kasi may point sila Juris na kinukop naman nila pero pag ganito na ang nangyari,ano yung gagawin niya? Nakasagasa kayo, ano ang gagawin n’yo? So feeling ko it’s a constant question of alin ang pamantayan mo ng tama.”

(Which character can we relate to? Because each of them has a point – Juris who took care and raised the child but if this happens, what will you do? You hit someone, what will you do? So I feel it’s a constant question of what are your qualifications of what is right.)

DILEMMA. Sandino Martin's character Gaylord Mamaril is not only facing the consequences of the accident, but also personal issues within himself. Photo from ABS-CBN

Sino Ang Maysala also stars Agot Isidro, Janice de Belen, Ayen Laurel, Jay Manalo, Allan Paule, and Boboy Garovillo, under the direction of Andoy Ranay and Dan Villegas. – Rappler.com

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