WATCH: Billy Hargrove makes Hawkins’ titas thirsty in new clip from ‘Stranger Things 3’
WATCH: Billy Hargrove makes Hawkins’ titas thirsty in new clip from ‘Stranger Things 3’
Billy Hargrove is back

MANILA, Philippines – A new season of Stranger Things is on its way, promising a lot of sunny days – and of course, more supernatural happenings – for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana.

While the first trailer showed the Stranger Things gang in the throes of adolescence and an all-American summer, crazy things are also expected to go down – and our bet is that Hawkins’ big bully Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) has something to do with it. (WATCH: Adolescence and other monsters in ‘Stranger Things 3’ trailer)

In a new clip from the upcoming season, we see Billy making good on his promise not to lay a hand on his stepsister Max’s friends again. Instead, he has become a lifeguard/resident eye candy at the Hawkins public pool.

In the clip, we see a crowded poolside with a row of thirsty titas dolling up in anticipation of Billy’s arrival. Billy then does as Billy does – that is, subtly seducing MILFs while striking fear in the hearts of children. 

When he emerges, everyone’s heads turn, and when he blows his lifeguard whistle, the fun is seemingly put on pause. He calls out a kid who is running by the poolside, and then takes up his post on the lifeguard tower. 

Nothing exceptionally strange happens in the clip – but we all know it should be expected. This is Hawkins, after all.

Stranger Things 3 is premieres on Netflix on July 4. –

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