WATCH: What’s in Heart Evangelista’s walk-in closet? Everything
WATCH: What’s in Heart Evangelista’s walk-in closet? Everything
Heart gives us a tour of her walk-in closet – designer handbags, framed Hermes scarves, 21 years of shoes, and even an outdoor balcony included

MANILA, Philippines – What kind of closet would fashion icon and celebrity Heart Evangelista possibly have? Of course, only the best of the best walk-in closets one can only imagine ever having in this lifetime.

I mean, who else can don a semi-formal, luxury outift attire just to buy corned beef at the grocery? Heart can, and the style savant finally indulges her fans with a “most-requested” walkthrough video of her huge walk-in closet – and we mean really huge.

Posted on her Love Marie Escudero YouTube channel on Thursday, May 23, Heart takes us through every inch of her favorite space – starting from its pink-carpeted stairs and the Hermes scarves framed across the stairway’s walls.

“To me, a closet is much more than just a place to store my clothes. It’s a special creative space, where I build a collection of pieces I just love, and leave me feeling inspired,” Heart wrote on her video’s description.

“See everything I have, from my favorite local to international designers, treasured heirlooms, and even cheap finds!”

The whole video is mouth-gaping and awe-inspiring – with all her clothes organized per color and even per luxury brand (Chanel jackets vs. Zara blouses), as well as her color-coded array of Louboutin high-heels and platforms, which she mentioned is the product of “21 years of collecting.”

Viewers are also greeted by her closet of designer clutches and handbags – including her self-painted Hermes totes collection.

She also shows a row of perfumes that are oh-so-conveniently placed right beside the airconditioner (yes, her closet is airconditioned) to keep them longer-lasting.

Heart also treats fans to a sneak-peek of her secret stuffed toy collection, as well as her famous OOTD lengthwise mirror and her mini-hair treatment spa right beside it.

What else could the walk-in closet of Heart Evangelista have? A coffee lounge area, an outdoor balcony patio, and her creative workspace. 

Is this a closet or a house? –

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