Here’s what Lea Salonga had to say about the ‘Aladdin’ live action movie
Here’s what Lea Salonga had to say about the ‘Aladdin’ live action movie
The original singing voice of Princess Jasmine commends Naomi Scott's performance of 'Speechless'

MANILA, Philippines —Broadway star Lea Salonga took to social media to share her thoughts on the live action Aladdin movie, in which she commended actress Naomi Scott for her role as Princess Jasmine and the team of Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Alan Menken.

On Twitter, Lea said this of Naomi’s song “Speechless:” “First of all… YES, Naomi Scott! Second of all… YES, Menken and Pasek & Paul! Couldn’t help but feel myself getting all up in my feelings listening to this brand new song for the live action Aladdin. I may need to test my vocal cords with.”

“Speechless” is one of the additional songs in the film, performed by Princess Jasmine’s character. 



Naomi also performed the song “A Whole New World” with Mena Massoud, who plays Aladdin in the film.

Lea provided the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the 1992 movie cartoon alongside Brad Kane as Aladdin’s singing voice. 

In her Facebook post, Lea said she was happy the movie was doing well with a diverse cast.

“For all that’s been said about the new live action Aladdin, even without seeing the movie, my takeaway is thus: a movie set in a fictional city in the Middle East starring all shades of brown people and making beaucoup bucks at the box office can only be a good thing. If this aids in changing the way we as outsiders view this part of the world and people from there, it will all have been worth it.”



The live action movie, directed by Guy Ritchie also stars Will Smith as the Genie. — 

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