Kris Aquino files TPO against James Yap

Kris Aquino wants ex-husband James Yap to stay away from her and her son after he reportedly made 'overt sexual advances' at her

WANTS PROTECTION. The TV host has filed a temporary protection order against ex-husband James Yap after  he reportedly made sexual advances to her in her own home. Photo from 'Kris Aquino.Net' Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Television host and actress Kris Aquino has filed a temporary protection order (TPO) against her ex-husband James Yap whom she accuses of making unwanted sexual advances to her in her home and of inflicting psychological harm to their son 5-year-old son Bimby. reports that the TPO filed from a Makati court will grant protection to Aquino and her son for 30 days from its issuance. But the petition, prepared by Aquino’s counsel (law firm Chavez, Miranda, Aseoche), wants the protection order to be made permanent.

The petition asks the court to order Yap to keep a distance of at least 100 meters from her, Bimby, and any member of their household. By the power of the TPO, Yap is also forbidden from visiting her residence, work place, Bimby’s school or any place frequented by mother and son.

The petition recounts the time the basketball player had visited Kris’s condominium unit in December 2012 to pick up his son as part of their twice-a-week visiting arrangement. He then entered Aquino’s bedroom and made “overt sexual advances” to Aquino which she resisted. Her rejection drove Yap to “utter mean and malicious statements.”

According to the petition, all of this happened in the presence of their son who had even positioned himself between his parents and had told Yap to leave the room and “stop hurting” his mother. He also begged Kris to “tell him to go away.”

The incident traumatized the boy who, the petition said, has shown signs of being upset and highly agitated whenever in the presence of his father or when he hears his voice on the phone.

The petition notes that the incident was made possible “by the unfettered access of respondent Yap on the household and persons of the petitioners.”

Aquino and Yap’s marriage was officially annulled last year. Though Yap was given twice-a-week visitation rights, the petition states that Yap has not maximized this, visiting the boy a maximum of 10 times in a year. – With reports by Pia Ranada/