WATCH: Solenn Heussaff talks about ‘serious roadblocks’ in pregnancy
WATCH: Solenn Heussaff talks about ‘serious roadblocks’ in pregnancy
The new mom opens up about the challenges of her pregnancy on the day they finally welcome Thylane Katana into the world

MANILA, Philippines – Hours after welcoming Thylane Katana into the world on January 1, 2020, actress and TV host Solenn Heussaff posted a video blog about her pregnancy journey – including its many ups and heartbreaking downs. 

“The road started out super easy, but we hit pretty serious roadblocks toward the end. But even with all that’s happened, this is the reason why 2019 was one of the best years ever and why this new year will be even better,” Solenn wrote in the caption of the video posted on YouTube. 

Solenn gave birth to a baby girl on January 1, hours after she and husband, businessman Nico Bolzico, checked into the hospital after a checkup. (READ: Solenn Heussaff gives birth to baby girl)

In the video, shot before she gave birth, Solenn explains that while the first 5 months of her pregnancy were a breeze, the last stretch was a little more testy.

At her 5th month, they found out that her baby was at a lower percentile, meaning it was smaller than most babies. “Nico and I were crying everyday. We almost thought we were going to have to give birth at 5 months,” Solenn said. 

The painter and actress later found out that she was prone to forming blood clots – meaning she had to be injected blood thinners on the daily. Solenn showed a footage of a nervous Nico injecting her very pregnant belly with medicine, and the bruising on her belly and arm that followed the shots was visible. It was around this time that Nico became both nurse and husband to the pregnant Solenn. 

“I feel so good so I didn’t get it. I could’t understand why this was happening to me,” a visibly emotional Solenn shared. 

Solenn also said that towards the end, she was put on a 3,000-calorie diet – a huge jump from the 1,200 calories she consumes on the regular. “Who would’ve thought that eating would be so hard?” she mused. And then she had another problem: placental calcification. 

Solenn said she documented her journey for those who might just be going through the same thing. “To all the preggos there, just be patient and know that you’re not alone in the scary things you might be going through,” she said. 

Solenn and Nico married in France in May 2016. They have been together since 2011. They announced that they were expecting their first child, a baby girl, in August.

Nico had earlier talked about how much he’s grown to admire Solenn even more as she goes through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Before she gave birth, Solenn pulled a simple but nerve-wracking prank on Nico – that her water had already broke. –

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