LOOK: Rihanna ‘sat’ on Bretman Rock, and he’s still not over it

LOOK: Rihanna ‘sat’ on Bretman Rock, and he’s still not over it
Neither are we, to be honest!

MANILA, Philippines – The award for best stan moment goes to Hawaii-based Filipino YouTube beauty vlogger Bretman Rock, who met the one and only Rihanna at a Fenty Beauty event in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday, March 5.

Very much starstruck (and rightfully so), the 21-year-old online star couldn’t contain himself online (no shame), posting clips of the iconic moment he met his idol, who was launching a new collection of blush and bronzers that day.

“I love this woman soo fucking much @badgalriri. Thank you for having me @fentybeauty. I touched her knees and it was awesome,” Bretman wrote on Instagram, sharing a literally “cheeky” moment between him and RiRi caught on cam. 


The second clip showed Rihanna and Bretman working a power pose, with Bretman squatting behind her.

On Twitter, Bretman unapologetically continued to gush about the experience.

“Okay the first pic…. is a serve,” Bretman wrote, sharing a photo of the pose caught on cam.


“The second pic.. why am I just realizing she sat on me… RIH SAT ON ME B*TCH,” he added. 

“No offense but I just felt Rihanna’s knees,” he Tweeted, followed by an “AHHHHH Rihanna just told me to shut the fuck up… im never talking again,” Tweet. 



Bretman still isn’t over it, and we can’t blame him – we don’t think we’d ever be, either. – Rappler.com