Moira dela Torre to sing ‘Reflection’ for PH ‘Mulan’ promos

Alexa Villano
Moira dela Torre to sing ‘Reflection’ for PH ‘Mulan’ promos
Moira offers her own spin on the classic, originally popularized by Lea Salonga and Christina Aguilera

MANILA, Philippines – Moira del Torre will be singing her own version of the now-iconic “Reflection” as part of the Philippine promotions for the live action remake of Mulan.

“Actually, at first, to be honest, I was terrified, but if there’s one thing that I learned from Mulan, Lea Salonga, and Christina Aguilera, it’s really being true to myself. They made it to that stage because they were true to themselves and I feel very empowered by that,” Moira told reporters in a March 3 event, where she was announced as Disney’s choice for the Philippines. 

The first animated Mulan was released in 1998. Filipino theater star Lea Salonga provided Mulan’s singing voice in the movie while pop icon Christina Aguilera released her own version for the song’s soundtrack. 

Disney typically taps local singers to perform their versions of songs from a movie’s soundtrack. 

“I’m still very scared, but there’s a new confidence that always brings up every time. I learn from every single project, no matter how big or small, and I’m happy that I feel like I’m blessed that I’m in a place and situation like this,” said Moira, admitting that she still gets nervous despite the huge projects that come her way. 

She said she feels like a big sister to those who look up to her.

“Honestly, I feel more like an ate. Parang yung nararamdaman ko (Like what I feel) growing up it’s just a hundred times more. There’s a huge responsibility that I have to uphold because I understand that it’s such a precious opportunity to be on a stage like this, but I really believe that one of God’s main reasons why He allowed me to be here is to show people that nothing is impossible, that dreams can come true for someone who grew up in Olongapo City.”

“There are things that are possible and I love it, because Mulan really inspires us to be true to ourselves, and that’s something I grew up watching and I’m seeing it now.”

The live-action movie stars Liu Yifei as Mulan, who takes the place of her father in the army to defend China from the Huns. The movie follows her journey to becoming a legend in China.

The movie opens in the Philippines on March 25. –

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