Ethel Booba disowns controversial Twitter account
Ethel Booba disowns controversial Twitter account
As of posting, the Twitter account with the handle @iamethylgabison is no longer accessible

MANILA, Philippines – Ethel Booba, whose real name is Ethyl Gabison, has disowned the famous and controversial Twitter account named after her.

On Thursday, April 9, Ethel posted a screenshot of the account with the caption, “Beware of this fake Twitter!” on her Instagram account.

As of posting, the Twitter account with the  handle @iamethylgabison is no longer accessible.

The account has risen to popularity for dishing witty and controversial comments on Philippine politics, and often concluded with Ethel’s signature line, “Charot (Joke).”  Because of the posts – some critical of the Duterte administration – the account garnered more than a million followers on Twitter. 

Prior to her Instagram post on Friday, Ethel had not publicly disowned the account elsewhere. In fact, in a television program that aired in November 2019, she said that she worked with “admins” to manage the account.

“Maraming, ano ‘yan, pagme-meeting ‘yan (We go through a lot of meetings for that),” she said when asked about the process of coming up with posts then 

In another television program that aired  in July 2018 hosted by broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna, Ethel shared that she favored Twitter among the social media platforms. She also shared in the same program that she would consult her friends whenever she wanted to tweet in English. 

“‘Pag nagtu-tweet ako, may English na malalalim kasi gusto ko na mag-iisip sila sa tinutweet ako. Ayoko na agree na lang nang agree (When I tweet, I try to deliver it in English so people will think deeply about it. I don’t want to them to just agree with everything I say),” she said then.

“Bawat opinyon ko, pinag-i-iisipan ko at bine-brainstorm (Every opinion that I post is thought through and brainstormed),” she added. 

Ethel had earlier said that her Twitter popularity boosted her showbiz career. 

Over the years, the controversial account dished out remarks on various issues including the 2019 midterm elections, the country’s management of the SEA Games, and the proposal to punish plunderers with the death penalty. 

Recently, the Twitter account also went against Mocha Uson when it responded to the blogger’s Facebook post that called Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto “pabebe.” 

Okay na sa pabebe kesa sa pabobo. Social media distancing talaga kailangan nila. Charot (It’s okay to act cute than dumb. They really need social media distancing. Joke),” the Twitter account @iamethylgabison said. 

The Twitter account also announced the birth of Ethel Booba’s child earlier in February.  – 

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