#WeBlockAsOne: Kathniel fans rally behind tandem, mass report ‘blogger’ over bashing

#WeBlockAsOne: Kathniel fans rally behind tandem, mass report ‘blogger’ over bashing
A 'blogger,' who posted a video to bash the young stars, was mass reported by their fans

MANILA, Philippines – The fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla hit blogger “Banat By” after he attacked the tandem for their views on the shutdown of ABS-CBN.

The real life couple, dubbed KathNiel, is one of the most bankable loveteams of the network. Both spoke up and defended not only the station but also the other artists who been vocal about the shutdown. (READ: Kathryn Bernardo on ABS-CBN shutdown: ‘Ang choice, ‘di lang dapat sa may pera’)

The network signed-off after the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued a cease and desist order on May 5. The media giant’s franchise had expired because Congress failed to act on it, despite several pending bills that would have granted it a new franchise.

As of writing, the videos are still up on Banat By’s Facebook page and has been shared by Mocha Uson’s Facebook page. Uson is an entertainer who campaign for President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, was appointed to government then sacked, ran but lost a Congressional seat, and was then appointed to another government post. 

Fans of the tandem called on their ranks to report Banat By’s videos so that they’d be taken down from Facebook and YouTube. The hashtag #WeBlockAsOne trended on Twitter.

Spoken Artist Juan Miguel Severo, a friend of the couple, shared in a series of tweets how the tandem’s fans have been mass reporting Banat By’s videos.

“So not only do these fans organize relief drives in their idols’ names, they also have their own anti-troll campaign??? Iba kayó, KathNiels. Go get them.”

He was referring to KathNiel fans’ efforts to raise funds independently for charitable causes.  


User Jors said: “Y’all have no idea how powerful our fandom can be.”


One of the fan club accounts tweeted: “We’re all in this together! KathNiels, KathCakes, SoliDs and to everyone, thank you!”


User @rupertnotholmes wrote: “Just because Kathryn Bernardo spoke up in support of her network, this Mocha Uson minion is harassing her on Facebook Live right now. Push back. Report the page. Block and starve the trolls who feed into his page, too. #WeBlockAsOne.”


One user tweeted: “Protect Kathryn and Daniel at all costs!!!! Starve the trolls!!! #WeBlockAsOne.”


Kathryn recently posted, for the first time, her thoughts on the ABS-CBN franchise issue. She said the network shutdown was also an issue of labor, public health, and press freedom. On May 13, House Speaker Allan Peter Cayetano and the House of Representatives granted a bill that would give ABS-CBN a provisional or temporary franchise and allow to them to operate until October 2020. The measure will have to be submitted to the Senate, reconcilled by both Houses, and signed by Duterte himself to be passed into law. Duterte has threatened to block the network’s franchise renewal. – Rappler.com