Dealing with bashers: Kathryn Bernardo teaches us a thing or two
Dealing with bashers: Kathryn Bernardo teaches us a thing or two
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MANILA, Philippines – You can call it an uncanny coincidence or, perhaps, the universe’s sense of humor, but a day after her fans rallied together to defend her from a “blogger,” actress Kathryn Bernardo released a reaction video to mean comments about her.

The video, shot before Metro Manila and other parts of the country were placed under lockdown, was released on Sunday, May 17 – days after Kathryn released an earlier video detailing her thoughts on her home network ABS-CBN’s forced closure. It had also been just a couple of days after a “blogger” released a video bashing both Kathryn and her on-screen and real-life partner Daniel Padilla for their defense of ABS-CBN and its artists.

In her vlog, a casually-dressed Kathryn reacted to posts that mention and criticize her – going from the fair (one picked on her acting skills – which she admitted needed polishing in some of her work) to the outrageous (people insisting she had a bad attitude) and the downright petty (because she’s sakang or bowlegged).

The young actress explained that she’s since learned to brush off petty comments and to feel more secure of herself – especially when it comes to her physical appearance. Reacting to a commenter who pointed out that her legs weren’t perfect, Kathryn said: “Hello, ‘di naman ako makukulong sa pagka-sakang ko (my bowleggedness won’t send me to jail). I love my legs!”

“Come on, you [can] kiss my f*cking legs,” the actress joked.

Her answering that common “criticism” of her is timely – on Saturday evening, May 16, a hashtag referring to her legs trended on Twitter. Her fans, of course, defended the actress.

But Kathryn may have had the best reaction, tweeting a photo of herself with her adorable dog Tala.

Kathryn, in a short video on Instagram, earlier said that ABS-CBN’s closure – imposed by the government because Congress failed to act on the network’s franchise renewal – was a labor, public health, and press freedom issue. The young actress also called on the young to make their voices heard on public issues and to not be afraid – as she once was.

Her fans over the weekend had defended both Kathryn and Daniel from the “blogger,” whose post had been shared by the Facebook page of Mocha Uson, an entertainer-turned-appointed-government-official and rabid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Both Kathryn and her fans had the appropriate reaction to the trolls pouncing on the actress – they ignored the bashers, avoided using the hashtags they were using, and instead flooded Twitter with a different (and uplifting) hashtag.

Kathryn is among ABS-CBN’s biggest and most bankable stars. She recently started her own YouTube channel. –

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