‘Hello Stranger’ just premiered and the stanning has begun

‘Hello Stranger’ just premiered and the stanning has begun
‘Top ka, Mico, top ka!’

MANILA, Philippines – Hello Stranger, Black Sheep’s first BL show and digital series, premiered late on Wednesday, June 24 – and by the time the 21-minute pilot was over, viewers were already looking forward to the next episode.

The show tells a story we’ve heard time and time again in rom-coms – except this time, we have two leading men.

In the first episode, we meet the “Young Padawans,” a dorky gang of university students which includes Junjun (Miguel Almendras), Seph (Patrick Quiroz), Kookai (Vivoree Esclito), and the straight-laced, uptight Mico (JC Alcantara).

In just a few minutes, we learn that Kookai is secretly pining for Mico – who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, and instead has his sights set on a high-achieving future. As the gang gets together for an online quiz night, Xavier (Tony Labrusca), a basketball player from their university, accidentally drops in then quickly leaves – but not before getting a good laugh at the group.

Later on, Mico’s literature teacher Ms Tina (Meann Espinosa) tells him he’s at the top of their class (“Top ka, Mico, top ka!”), and partners him up with one of the bottom students. As fate (or a time-honored rom-com trope) would have it, that student is Xavier.

The two quickly get to work on their new project and start to get to know each other little by litte, and by the end of the episode, we see a crack in Xavier’s douchey exterior.

The premiere was an instant hit with “TOP KA” and “#HelloStrangerEp1” hitting the top of Twitter trends. Viewers instantly took to Mico and Xavier’s chemistry – which jumped out of the screen even as their interactions played out on video calls.

People also quickly began stanning the supporting characters – the “young padawans,” as well as Ms. Tina, who spoke the unforgettable “Top ka” line.

The first episode of Hello Stranger is available for viewing now on Black Sheep’s YouTube channel. – Rappler.com

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