‘Ender’s Game’ film trailer released

The trailer stuns with its gorgeous visual effects and a showcase of its star-studded cast

TIME FOR BATTLE SCHOOL. 'Ender's Game' fans are inching closer to its theater release in November. Image from the 'Ender's Game' Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Those counting down to the theater screening of sci-fi film “Ender’s Game” may not have long to wait as its much anticipated trailer has just been released.

“Ender’s Game” is a film adaptation of the eponymous 1985 book written by Orson Scott Card about a futuristic world where genius children are trained to command fleets aimed at destroying the “buggers,” an insectoid alien race that threatens humanity. 

Watch the trailer here:

The events revolve around Andrew Wiggin or Ender, an especially gifted boy whom many think is humanity’s only hope in defeating the buggers. 

The cast is as star-studded as the galaxy with Asa Butterfield (of “Hugo” fame) playing Ender; Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff, head of Command School; Ben Kingsley as the legendary commander Mazer Rackham; Abigail Breslin as Valentine Wiggin, Ender’s beloved sister; and Hailee Steinfeld as another Command School student, Petra Arkanian. 

Gavin Hood directs the film with Orson Scott Card himself as co-producer. 

The two-minute video is an onslaught of stunning visual effects, set design and costumes which may explain why although the book it is adapted from was published in 1985, it is only in the 21st century that a film has been made. Without 21st century innovations in graphics and set design, interpreting the technical complexities of Battle School and Command School would have been very difficult.

Fans of the bestselling book may take issue with how the actors in the movie look older than they are supposed to be. The novel spans Ender’s life from age 6 to 12, while Butterfield looks to be around 12 to 14 years old, at least, judging from the trailer alone.

That said, many fans of the book gave the upcoming film a nod for its casting, bringing life to their favorite Battle School characters. 

The film will be released in Philippine theaters on December 4. – Rappler.com

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