Is Jessica Sanchez Mexipino or Filixican?
Jessica Sanchez seems to have stopped for now the rivalry between the two countries

A forum thread in the official American Idol website showing the term "Mexipino" to refer to Jessica Sanchez

MANILA, Philippines – The rivalry that was developed in the boxing ring between the Philippines and Mexico seems to have faded out. For now, at least.

The increasing fame of American Idol hopeful Jessica Sanchez has called for a celebration for the mix of these 2 races, with the birth of the portmanteau Filixican (Filipino-Mexican) or Mexipino (Mexican-Filipino) in cyberspace.

These terms refer to the dual racial identity of Sanchez, a 16-year-old high school student in California who, as of posting, has earned 3 standing ovations from the hit show’s judges. 

Her father Gilbert is a Mexican-American native from Texas, while her mother Editha is a Filipina who hails from Bataan.

Since she’s a “hyphenated” Filipina and not a full-blooded Latina, top-billing for either country–Philippines in Filixican and Mexico in Mexipino–technically does not matter.

The racial mix that produced the supposed Idol frontrunner seems to be working. Since there has been no American of Asian descent who has won American Idol, the support of the 2 ethnicities may help the young singer.

After all, votes cast for each Idol contestant are limited by the reach of the phone companies supporting the US-based show. The entire Asian and Latin communities in the States are likely burning the lines to help her advance in the show week after week.

In the internet, most posts never fail to mention the Mexican and Filipino mix whenever Sanchez is being discussed.

Ceasefire on ‘Mexicutioner’

The irony of the racial mix in Sanchez was not lost to boxing aficionados since bouts between Filipinos and Mexicans are among the celebrated matches.

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was even the dubbed the “Mexecutioner,” a reference he is not comfortable with, for his many victories against Mexican boxing greats.

Pacquiao has won previous bouts against famed boxers of Mexican decent, including Antonio Margarito, Oscar Larios, David Diaz, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Oscar dela Hoya.   

But Sanchez’s fame on the American Idol stage have led some to suggest that the Philippine-Mexico divide promoted by boxing be avoided for now.

With Sanchez on top of her game in one of the world’s most famous singing competitions, both camps have a glorious pride to share.  


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