‘Despicable Me’ minion flies across US

The invasion is on. Despicablimp sails through America's skies.

SKY'S THE LIMIT. This not-so-little bad boy is taking the dark side to a higher level. Photo from www.twitter.com/Despicablimp

MANILA, Philippines – A giant minion has infiltrated the Los Angeles skies, and is spreading despicable cuteness all over the US.

A blimp fashioned to look like an adorable “Despicable Me” minion was spotted floating over Los Angeles on Friday, June 14 (June 15 MNL) as part of a campaign for the much awaited sequel, “Despicable Me 2,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

The flying minion named “Despicablimp” was launched on March 23 during the Kid’s Choice Awards and was first seen hovering over Los Angeles. The Despicablimp has since traveled to Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Georgia and California.

The blimp, standing 55 feet high and 65 feet long, is said to be one of a total of 15 airships flying across the globe. The gondola can hold 9 people, including the pilot.

The villains are in good hands as veteran pilots Allan Judd and Terry Dillard, both with over 20 years of experience in flying airships, man the flight.

Fans can sail the skies with the Desplicablimp through its online command center and Twitter account, where aerial stills from its trips can be seen.

Watch the making of the ‘Despicablimp’ here:

The first “Despicable Me” released in 2010 twisted the baddest villains into epic heroes as super villain Gru (Steve Carell)  turns into a super dad to 3 adorably crazy orphans. The film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film in the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Watch the latest ‘Despicable Me 2’ teaser here:

The film is set for release in July. – Rappler.com

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