Russell Brand gets back at rude news anchors

Comedian Russell Brand turned the tables around on the rude hosts of a talk show

BRAND STRIKES BACK. Comedian Russell Brand lectures 3 morning show hosts on basic good manners. Screen grab from YouTube (OvergrowDaGovernment)

MANILA, Philippines – You don’t mess with Russell Brand. 

The British comedian proved this much when, in an interview on American talk show “Morning Joe” on June 18 (June 19 MNL), he refused to be ganged upon by 3 news anchors. 

News anchor Mika Brzezinski started the interview on a rickety note when she said in the presence of Brand, “Joining us now, he’s a really big deal. I know, I’m told this. I’m not very pop culture, I’m sorry.”

Brand looked slightly discomfited by this but bravely plodded on to promote his comedy show.

Watch a video of the interview here:

But that didn’t stop the two other anchors, Brian Shactman and Katty Kay, from poking fun at him.

Shactman quipped, “When I see you in person, it’s totally fine…But on satellite radio in the car, I can’t understand a single joke you say.”

Brand’s comeback: “It’s best you focus on your driving. You don’t want to be distracted by humor, you  might crash into a pedestrian.”

The conversation continued almost unbearably until Brand finally correctly observed, “You’re talking about me as if I’m not here and as if I’m an extraterrestrial. You know I’m from a country that is near to you.” 

A panicked Kay assured him, “We’re just sort of admiring the whole thing.”

But Brand interjected, “Well, thank you for your casual objectification. I’m glad that it is positive for you.”

Turned tables

By this time, the 3 anchors realized not all is well with the interview. Brzesnick managed to ask, “Any other questions Katty? I’m a little nervous.”

This was Brand’s cue to jump in for the kill. He masterfully turned the tables around, dominating the conversation.

“You shouldn’t say ‘he’ when a person is present. You should refer to the person by their name. That’s basic good manners,” he lectured.

After incredulously asking, “This is what you all do for a living?” he showed the anchors how to do their job.

Even people not into Brand’s type of humor have to give him props for how he handled the situation. 

The graphics below the screen may say he was “lost in translation,” but his message was all too clear: no one makes fun of the funny guy. –

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