Racism greets Oprah in Swiss shop

Talk Queen shops for a handbag, gets segregation courtesy

IT STILL HAPPENS. Talk Queen with racism's great enemy, Nelson Mandela. Photo from her Facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – American talk queen Oprah Winfrey was a victim of racism when she visited Switzerland, BBC reports.

Winfrey was there last month to attend Tina Turner’s wedding.

It was a subtle offense, to be sure. But going by the incident as she recalled it in a US television interview, it was still a slur that was otherwise out of sync with today’s increasingly politically correct milieu.

Shopping in Zurich, Winfrey was inquiring about an upmarket handbag which an assistant refused to hand over.

The assistant told Winfrey, one of the world’s richest celebrities, that the bag was “too expensive” for her.

Switzerland is currently caught up in a controversy over an initiative among some Swiss municipalities to prohibit asylum seekers from certain public establishments.

Human rights groups have likened this plan to apartheid, South Africa’s long discarded racist system. – Rappler.com

Here’s a clip of Oprah’s interview: