Anne Curtis to have ‘E! News Asia Special’

Peter Imbong
Another feather to her already heavily-festooned cap, episode to air this month

ANOTHER FEATHER. The first Filipina celebrity to have her own E! News special. Photos by Peter Imbong

MANILA, Philippines–“What else is there for me to conquer?”

Anne Curtis ponders the question asked by host Jason Godfrey.

“Another album and another concert,” she giggles. “Another film and another teleserye. There are a lot of things that are going to happen throughout this year.”

For the actress, host, and singer, anything she does from now on will simply be called “another.”

And it is precisely for this reason that E! News Asia chose Anne to become the first Filipina celebrity to be featured in her own 30-minute “E! News Asia Special.”

“I’m blown away. I’m ecstatic, I’m thrilled!” beams the “Showtime” host during the formal announcement of her TV special on August 29 in Makati City. “I don’t even know what to say. I mean it’s truly an honor.”

For the 28-year-old who already has a platinum-selling album, a sold-out concert, various awards, and a list of movies and TV dramas to her name, the moment is, as Anne describes it, “crazy!”

“I can’t believe this! To be alongside such big stars and have this, I’m speechless. [It’s a] dream come true, yet again. I can’t even put into words how happy I am.”

'BLOWN AWAY.' With host-model Jason Godfrey

Other Hollywood celebrities who have had their own TV specials on E! are Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, and the British royal family, to name a few.

According to Ramez Sheikh, VP for Network Development and Distribution of Universal Network International, “Anne Curtis has been one of your stars and we at E! are really privileged to be able to make her one of ours and bring her to a global audience.”

Why did they choose Anne? “She’s incredible, the way her career is developing. I think she’s the perfect fit for the E! brand. It was a no-brainer for us.”

Wearing a laser-cut Francis Libiran dress, Anne talked about the filming process which took 4 days and several interviews with several of her colleagues in the entertainment industry, as well as friends and family.

“I’m actually very nervous as to what they might have said, because I actually wasn’t there when they [were] interviewed. I’m really nervous as to what they would have shared – especially [Luis] Manzano,” she says.

'AN HONOR.' The formal announcement of Anne's TV special

It was during a vacation in the country in 1997 that the Australian-Filipino Anne was spotted by a talent scout and was asked to audition for TV commercials.

Within a week she had her first project and, in less than a month, landed her first movie role in Peque Gallaga’s “Magic Kingdom.”

Several years, movies, and soap operas later, Anne is set to appear in her first American indie movie, “Blood Ransom,” to be released before the end of 2013.

“What I would’ve loved to be part of [the TV special] that wasn’t included would be how my voice sounds in the bathroom,” says Anne, who’s known to make up for her lack of vocal training (despite an album) with sheer enthusiasm, theatricality, and determination.

“I’m not kidding. When I sing in the shower it’s actually really nice. So I feel [bad] that we didn’t get to share it. The echo in the bathroom really complements my voice somehow.

“And if I could only turn Araneta Coliseum into a big bathroom with tiles, I would.”

That would be another “another.” –


The Anne Curtis E! News Asia Special will premiere on September 29 7:30pm on SkyCable Channel 57, Cignal Channel 25, and Cablelink Channel 33.


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