Spooky school stories: UST edition

Spooky stories abound in the centuries-old UST campus. Here are 4 tales that have made the rounds.

TERRIFIED TIGERS. The UST campus is centuries old - perfect for ghost stories. Image by Mara Mercado/Rappler.

MANILA, Philippines – Every school has its ghost stories, but when it comes to a centuries-old institution that was once an internment camp, you can expect a bit more. From headless priests, to white ladies, to ghostly soldiers – name it, UST has it.

Here are some of the best ghost stories shared to us by Thomasians.


1. The UST Hospital

It was 11 pm, and a nurse-intern was sharing the elevator with just one other person. Just as the doors were about to close, she spotted a guy running toward the elevator. The nurse hurriedly shut the elevator doors to keep the guy from getting in. 

The other person asked the nurse why she didn’t let the other guy in. The nurse said, “Because the guy is wearing a red tag, which only corpses in the morgue section wear.” The other person held up his arm, saying, “You mean like this one?”


2. Saint Raymund’s Building

In one of the comfort rooms on the first floor, a girl was said to have committed suicide because she was bullied for her physical appearance. 

One time, a student went to the comfort room to retouch her make-up. She saw another girl who was doing the same. The student tried talking to the girl, but she did not answer. The girl just silently went inside one of the cubicles. 

After quite a while, the student wondered why the other girl had not come out of the cubicle. When she peeked below the cubicle door, she was shocked to see that there were no visible feet anywhere. When she turned back, the girl was already in front of her, asking, “Ano, maganda na ba ako?


3. Albertus Magnus Building

At the Conservatory of Music, the piano is the subject of scary tales. Sometimes, people would hear the piano play by itself.

Nobody dares to move the piano because a ghostly child supposedly gets angry every time somebody moves it. One time, when a school organization used the auditorium without asking permission from this mysterious child, some members saw him hanging from one of the curtains.


4. The Main Building

It has been said that a female student hung herself in one of the restroom cubicles at the Main Building (which has always been mistaken for a church due to its cross). Current students try to avoid that particular restroom cubicle since people who’ve used it have felt something brushing or tapping on their foreheads while they were on the toilet.


5. Benavides Park

Students working on the campus paper we were always advised by senior staffers not to wander around Benavides Park (aka Lover’s Lane) past midnight. There were stories of students being greeted by a man wearing a Dominican habit who would later disappear. Some unfortunate couples hanging out in the park’s benches at night have also heard a disembodied voice singing mass songs.

6. CCTV 

Aside from stories experienced personally by students, there have also been creepy sightings via the school’s various CCTV cameras.

One night, a guard at the Recital Hall of the Albertus Magnus Building apparently saw on CCTV that somebody was moving one of the chairs in the hall. When the guard went to check out the hall, a chair suddenly fell from out of nowhere, when no one was inside the hall except the guard himself. – Rappler.com


Any terrified Tigers out there? Share your UST ghost stories in the comments!