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Emma Watson reveals new look

Has the "Harry Potter" good girl gone bad?

GIRL GONE BAD? Nope, she's playing a role. Photo courtesy of Clevver News.

LOS ANGELES, California – Hollywood lays ground to the transformation of many teeny-boppers into daring and audacious stars. 

In recent photos circulating on the internet, Emma Watson looks like she has traded in her Hogwarts robes and mary janes for short shorts and sexy heels. She is also reportedly taking time off from college. 

Pressure is always on for celebs to constantly revamp their image. But with her surprising, bold change, has the Harry Potter sweetheart fallen prey? 

Emma’s fans can breathe a big sigh of relief: the sexy clothes and wild teenage-misfit image is only for the filming of Bling Ring, in which the star plays bad girl Nicki, one of 5 teens who burglarized the homes of Hollywood stars Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Orlando Bloom. 

Photo courtesy of Clevver News

According to People and US Magazine, Watson has been spotted in the Los Angeles film set sporting a Daisy Duke-esque look: long brown wig, a bra top, leather jacket, plus a temporary tattoo on her tailbone (also known as “tramp stamps”), to complete the look. 

“I’m taking my 3rd term out of Worcester College to make sure I don’t compromise my studies or my part in the film. I am so excited to have the opportunity to learn from (Bling Ring director) Sofia (Coppola) and make what I think is a very important film,” Emma says in her official website. “This is a bit of (a) dream for me, really.” – Rappler.com

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