No peace in Metta’s world
The Lakers player finds himself in hot water.

AMBASSADOR OF PEACE? Many a spiritual person marveled at Artest's new name, but whether he's living up to it is another question altogether.

LOS ANGELES, California – He changed his name from Ron Artest to Metta World Peace (“metta” is a Pali word meaning “goodwill and non-violence”), but on April 22 in a Lakers game against Oklahoma City Thunder, Metta World Peace was no ambassador of peace at all.

In an unbelievable moment in the game, Metta was clearly seen delivering a deliberate elbow towards the head of Oklahoma City’s James Harden.

Metta claimed it was an accident, but critics didn’t buy it. Harden suffered a concussion behind his left ear.

“I got really emotional and excited,” said Metta during a post-game interview. “It was an unintentional elbow,” he added with an apology.

Metta World Peace has just been suspended for 7 games. –