Grandma Sharon
The host gushes in "The Talk" about the new addition to her family

GORGEOUS GRANDMA. Sharon Osbourne is happy to have a new addition to her rockin' family. Photo from

LOS ANGELES, California – The woman with fire-engine-red hair is finally a grandmother.

Last April 24, her son Jack Osbourne’s fiancee, Liza Stelly, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they named Pearl.

Sharon lost no time gushing to her fellow “The Talk” hosts about the moment they welcomed Pearl into the world.

“(She is) Healthy and gorgeous … There’s nothing like witnessing it. It’s just an amazing event,” she says.

“Life has gone full cycle in our family,” says the cool rockstar wife who still has two daughters (elder of which is Fashion Police host Kelly) to marry off.

And as for her son Jack, a first-time dad, “I think he’s gonna be wise man.”

When asked about how her husband Ozzy played a role in Pearl’s birth, Sharon says that Ozzy – like everyone else in the family – “went through the whole range of emotions. Everybody cried.” –

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