Tebow and temptation
Who wants to tempt the proudly-religious sports star?

SUPER STEADFAST? People everywhere are curious about just how far Tebow's faith will go. Photo from

NEW YORK, New York – It seems that more and more people are curious as to how – and when – football star Tim Tebow’s faith will break, and his humanity will take the better of him.

A devout Christian who insists he is a virgin and that he will remain one until marriage, the Philippine-born Tebow is now the target of an adult website giving out US$ 1M bounty to any woman who can prove she’s had sex with him. is a website that helps people cheat on their partners. (yes, you read right)

TEBOW-ING. He never fails to pray like this before any game. Photo from, taken by The Denver Post.

We guess more women are praying that this adult website’s “promo” will fail, and that Tebow is, indeed, a 24-year-old virgin. –

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