Octo mom in hot water

Can this single mom sustain raising all 14 kids?

NO SUPER MOM. Raising 14 kids with a partner is no easy feat. For a single mom, it's almost quite impossible. Photo from fforfree.net.

LA HABRA, California – Octo mom Nadya Suleman has caught the attention of media and child welfare authorities after her hairstylist claimed that, while Nadya issued her a US$ 520 check for a Brazilian Blowout, the mom’s house where she lives with 8 of her kids who are potty-training is in extremely bad shape.

Inside Edition got footage of Suleman’s house: broken window on the front door, graffiti on the walls, holes on ceilings, and toilets that apparently are not working (and so the kids are using the potties outside their house).

In a follow-up interview by Inside Edition, Suleman said that she has had everything fixed: her toilets, and her financial situation (she receives US$ 5,000 for welfare per month).

Suleman has been criticized for seemingly trying to copy Angelina Jolie and her capacity to support a big brood. – Rappler.com