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Ryan o’ Neal battles cancer
The actor fights for his life years after his partner loses to the same enemy

MEMORIES OF LOVE. O' Neal recalls tender moments with Fawcett before her death in 2009. Photo from

NEW YORK, New York – After watching long-time partner Farrah Fawcett succumb to anal cancer in 2009, Ryan o’ Neal was recently diagnosed with his own battle to fight: prostate cancer. 

The actor made rounds of US talk shows to promote his book Both of Us: My Life with Farrah with a bandage on his nose.

When asked about the bandage, o’ Neal said that he had undergone surgery to remove cancer cells from his nose.

His strained relations with his 4 children (not with Fawcett) is also a big topic, since 3 of them had battles with drugs.

When asked if he was a bad parent, o’ Neal answered quietly, “Looks like that, doesn’t it?” –

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