Michael Ealy’s dating tips

"Think Like a Man" and "Common Law" star Michael Ealy shares simple, modern dating tips

NO MIND GAMES. Ealy believes in keeping it real from the start. Photo from alleyesonwho.com

CALIFORNIA, United States of America – It must be the eyes.

While he may remind us of Gary Dourdan (formerly of CSI Las Vegas) because of his gray eyes, “Think Like a Man” star Michael Ealy shows he’s more sensitive to woman and relationships than he seems.

In a recent guesting in “The Talk,” Ealy shared the following dating tips which he realized — as a man:

1. If you meet (a woman) when you’re drunk, it’s probably not gonna work out. Don’t start a relationship drunk; it’s not a good idea.

2. What you were doing 10 years ago, don’t do it now. 10 years ago, I would have waited 10 days before calling a girl. Now, I will call you if I want to talk to you.

3. Don’t play mind games. Let’s just be ourselves, that way we could have a true connection from the start.

Ealy’s next project is “Common Law,” a comedy-drama where he plays LAPD detective Travis Marks. – Rappler.com