Linda Evangelista and the thousand-dollar ‘deal’
The supermodel settles with ex-boyfriend over the phone

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE. The supermodel's personal problems never show in her face. Photo of Evangelista in a recent Chanel campaign from

WASHINGTON, United States of America — Supermodel Linda Evangelista’s thousand-dollar child support battle has finally been settled. 

Evangelista was in negotiations for the longest time with ex-boyfriend Francois-Henri Pinault, a French business tycoon (now married to Latina actress Salma Hayek), over child support for their 5-year-old son. 

The child support settlement of US$ 46,000 was worked out over the phone, according to Extra.

Evangelista is known for her quote “I don’t get out of bed for less than US$ 10,000 a day,” which she allegedly said in Manila in 1993 as a judge for the Elite Model Search (formerly known as Look of the Year.) 

TIMELESS BEAUTY. Evangelista on the cover of UK fashion magazine Love under Conde Nast. Photo from

She has since redeemed herself with her work for HIV/AIDS research, where she reportedly raises US$ 1 million a month. –

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