Tanorexic mom in ‘Saturday Night Live’

Pamela Krentcil says she finds the parody funny

IT'S TOAST. Kristen Wiig of 'Bridesmaids' fame in her "tanorexic" mom impersonation for 'Saturday Night Live.' Photo from hollywoodlife.com

WASHINGTON, United States of America — Kristin Wiig’s “Saturday Night Live” impersonation of “tanorexic” mom Pamela Krentcil is making headlines.

Wiig’s impersonation of the 40-year-old New Jersey native is repeatedly being aired, after the latter made headlines last week for bringing her 6-year-old daughter to a tanning salon. She has since been arrested and has pleaded “not guilty” in the Superior Court in Newark.

“To me it’s a very sad situation,” says mogul Donald Trump of the “tanorexic” mom who has since become somewhat of an icon in pop culture.

A big icon, in fact, that herobuilders.com has started selling her action figure, putting her in the ranks of Sarah Palin and Kate and Pippa Middleton.

SAME BODY, DIFFERENT HEAD. Herobuilders is apparently using the same doll body as that of their Sarah Palin doll, but with a really tanned face. Photo from herobuilders.com

“I think it was hysterical,” says Krentcil of Wiig’s impersonation. – Rappler.com

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