Barry White always does it for Johnny Depp
The actor talks about finding refuge in the soap that preceded all vampire dramas

ONE HOT VAMPIRE. Johnny Depp seems to have found his niche playing misfits, but he doesn't mind at all. Photo from

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Outcasts, misfits, unforgettable characters — actor Johnny Depp is known to play them all with savvy.

The original “21 Jump Street” heartthrob will be back in theaters this month to portray a 200-year-old vampire in “Dark Shadows” — the “only role he’s dreamed of playing.”

The movie is based on a soap opera with the same title, a hit in the 1960s.

Depp, who was a toddler then, says he would come home from school eager to watch it.

“I thought everything else in the world was weird … I found solace in this gothic soap opera. It was freedom,” he says in an interview alongside the film’s director and Depp’s long-time friend, Tim Burton.

BEST PALS FOREVER. Depp and Burton share the same passion for the dark side — in a good way. Photo from

Depp does not directly address offscreen romance rumors with co-star Ava Green, but says their love scenes in the movie are, indeed, intense.

“Barry White always does it for me,” says Depp, about the background music he and Green had while shooting their “intense” scenes. –

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