10 things you should know about Sarah Jessica Parker

Here's our takeaway from Vogue's Sarah Jessica Parker interview, where she answers 73 random questions in her NYC home

HOME SWEET HOME. Sarah Jessica Parker welcomes Vogue into her NYC home and answers 73 random questions. Screengrab from Vogue's YouTube channel

MANILA, Philippines – While it’s hard for most women to think of Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) as a totally different person compared to her Sex and the City (SATC) character Carrie Bradshaw, seeing Vogue’s new short video interview with her definitely outlines their several differences (and even some cute similarities!).

It also shows SJP in a different light – wearing a loose gray sweater, jeans, and coral flats (not heels!) inside her brownstone apartment in New York City’s West Village. 

In the short video interview, a reporter from Vogue is invited into SJP’s New York City home, where he starts asking her questions in rapid-fire fashion. The interview is filmed in just one, continuous shot. Questions ranged from random to bizarre. 

Here are 10 things we learned about SJP from Vogue’s quirky, new video:

1. She’s a true-blue New Yorker

Okay, that’s not really breaking news. But SJP’s love for the city extends beyond the usual fondness for city lights and seeing busy people go about their business. In the interview, she describes living in New York as “symphonic, tiny, real.”

Born in Ohio, SJP moved to the city to pursue an acting career. She reveals she has been living in NYC for 13 years and that she would never leave it voluntarily.

This reminds us of the fact that Carrie Bradshaw wasn’t originally from New York, either – she was from Castlebury, Connecticut and later moved to Manhattan to pursue a writing career.

2. She didn’t get to attend her prom

We wonder what the story behind this is – but SJP missing her prom and a chance to dress up is something that is beyond our understanding of her and her charcter. She says, however, that she did have a “peach silk dress picked out” for the occasion. 

Contrary to SJP, her alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw (as seen in The Carrie Diaries) went to her prom in a hot pink dress with black, mesh sleeves adorned with multi-colored polka dots. Please don’t judge – it was the ’80s. Carrie went with her friends as her then boyfriend was expelled from their school. He made up for not being present at the prom itself by later on picking her up wearing a tux.

3. She’s pretty much like your mom

Yup, and just like any other mom, she worries about making sure that she gives “separate and equal time” to her kids. 

SJP, married to actor Matthew Broderick, is a mom to 3 kids – James, who’s 12 and 4-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion. She also decribes her kids as the best gifts she have ever received.

4. She’s got a great appetite – and a taste for roast chicken

Being a Hollywood actress doesn’t always mean having low-calorie salads as your top choice when it comes to food. In real life, SJP’s favorite food is actually roast chicken from Italian restaurant Barbuto

She also admits to liking “sausages, pepper, and onions” on her pizza, downing it with her favorite drink – Coca-Cola.

She’d also go for milk chocolate over dark but admits that her favorite dessert is her sister’s brownies. It seems she is a fan of Italian food as she says her favorite restaurant in downtown New York is Gardisca

We love that on SATC, Carrie once said that her favorite thing to do in life was to eat grape jelly and crackers while reading Vogue.

5. But she’s brave enough to try food that’s new to her

She admits that the weirdest food she has eaten is Kokoreç – a Turkish dish made of lamb intestines and a few bits of other organs wrapped in offal.

6. She’s pretty active

Of course, to keep her good figure, she’s going to have to burn some calories after that pizza and cola. SJP prefers workouts that involve coordination. She says she would pick swimming over jogging and the more active pilates workout over yoga.

She admits that one of her favorite activities in New York City is walking – no wonder her legs are so toned. 

But when it comes to exercise, SJP trains with Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion who also teaches dance-inspired, active moves to keep her arms and legs toned.

7. She has great taste in music

SJP happens to like soul funk and jazz. She says that her favorite musicians come from the ’70s band Parliament and solo act Trombone Shorty.

When asked what her favorite lyrics were, she goes on to quote Stephen Sondheim’s song “Another Hundred People” – “Do I pick you up or do I meet you there? Did you get my message ’cause I looked in vain. Can we see each other Tuesday if it doesn’t rain?”

The song comes from the musical Company

But did you know that SJP actually sings too? In fact, before she even became our beloved Carrie, she was more popularly known as Annie in Broadway, following the footsteps of Andrea McArdle and Shelley Bruce. Prior to that, she was also a part of the cast of a production of The Sound of Music at the St. Louis, Missouri outdoor Municipal Theater. in 1996, SJP also starred as Princess Winnifred in the Broadway revival of Once Upon a Mattress.

8. She’s an avid reader

She played writer Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City but in real life, SJP actually has a thing for reading. No wonder she plays the character as if it was made and written for her.

She says that the best way to decompress is through a book and that she would love to have coffee with journalist, author, The New Yorker editor, and Pulitzer winner David Remnick. 

When asked which historical figure she would love to have coffee with, she picks yet another joournalist and author – Jane Jacobs who is also known for being an activist during the 60s. And by the way, she likes her coffee strong.

9. Her home is to die for 

From her green velvety couch to her light-up globes and shelves of books, her brownstone apartment is a total representation of her personality.

Fun colors meshed with wood and antique-looking furniture are seen in the living room. You will also notice several collectible baseball balls inside small, see through boxes are on display near the shelves holding lots of books.

Connected to the living room is a small sitting room with huge windows and white walls. It’s brightened up by lots of sunshine and is seen to have several paintings, a vintage-looking ping pong table and a small wooden piano.

10. She loves Greece and wants to see more of the world

She has obviously traveled to several countries (she’s been to Manila!) but she says it was the last country she visited that’s her favorite – Greece.  However, SJP says she would love to see Vietnam next.

Bonus: Heels or flats?

When asked in the video, SJP merely raises her eyebrows at her interviewer as if to say – “Duh.” 

Watch the video interview here to see that funny bit for yourself:

Sarah Jessica Parker was a Broadway actress before becoming a movie star and later on, everyone’s beloved Carrie Bradshaw for hit TV series Sex and the City. 

Prior to marrying Matthew Broderick in 1997, she dated Robert Downey Jr. as well.

Aside from acting and producing, she keeps herself busy as a member of the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee and as a celebrity Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

What’s your favorite part of the interview? Let us know in the comments section below! – Rappler.com

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