6 cool ‘Divergent’ facts

Excited about the kiss between Tris and Four? Rappler lists down details about the film, its stars, and more

DIVERGENT. Expectations are high regarding the romantic subplot. Screengrab from Facebook

MANILA, Philippines  Divergent is now showing and despite mixed reviews, it’s already making waves.

The film is based on the largely successful young adult (YA) series by the same name. Written by Veronica Roth, it revolves around a young heroine who fights an oppressive system in the dystopian future.

Will you be watching Divergent? Hype yourself up by checking out some things you might not know about the movie:

1. Tris in the movie is portrayed a little older than Tris in the book

The protagonist, Tris, is a 16-year-old girl in the Divergent books. In the film, however, Tris will be portrayed a little older. When asked why he chose to make the character older, the director of the film, Niel Burger, told Agence France-Presse that he had two reasons for doing so.

“Shailene is a little bit older,” he said of Shailene Woodley, the actress portraying Tris, “and also I felt like the story was a very grown-up story, actually. Even though it’s based on a Young Adult novel, I don’t think there is anything young about it. I thought all the concerns and themes and issues in it were things that adults of all ages deal with.”

2. Shailene Woodley drew inspiration from her teen years to play Tris.

In order to prepare for the role of Tris, Woodley said she drew on her own internal struggles from adolescence. (READ: Jennifer Lawrence has tips for ‘Divergent’ star Shailene Woodley)

“My struggle was ‘How do I balance the empathetic and being compassionate towards my peers,” she said of her adolescent years, “and also living my life for myself and not basing my decisions on those around me?'” said Woodley, in a report by Agence France-Presse.

3, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who play brother and sister in Divergent, play lovers in The Fault in Our Stars.

Elgort, who plays her character’s brother, made indie film The Fault in Our Stars with her immediately after Divergent. In Divergent, Elgort plays Caleb Prior, Tris’ younger brother who joins the Erudite faction after Choosing Day.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Elgort is the son of famous photographer Arthur Elgort, and also DJs and produces music under the moniker, Ansolo.

4. In the hotly anticipated kiss scene, Theo James went in to kiss Shailene Woodley “hard”

An essential ingredient to the young adult film adaptation is the romantic subplot, and fans will not be disappointed by the “effort” put in by Theo James and Shailene Woodley, the actors who play the romantic leads of Divergent.

“I just went at it hard, to be honest, because I thought that’s how she wanted it,” Theo James said of their make-out session in an interview with MTV.

“I thought to assuage any awkwardness I would just go for it. She was kind of batting away my hands,” he said. “It was kind of nice because we had Miles as Peter literally in the background as we were kissing. He was making hissing noises which actually added to the sexuality.”

5. Shailene Woodley cooked her own food on set.

Star Shailene Woodley skipped the on-set craft table and prepared her own breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the entire duration of filming.

“I’m very particular about my lifestyle and food that I eat, I’m very particular about my lifestyle and food that I eat,” she said in an interview with USA Today. “I eat everything, I just eat it in its purest form.” She also mentioned that she doesn’t own a TV.

6. Shailene Woodley used to wear a back brace.

An actress would definitely need to be in peak physical condition in order to keep up with a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding character such as Tris. It may come as a surprise to people that actress Shailene Woodley actually had to wear a brace in the past.

“I wore a brace for two years in high school for my spine” said Woodley in the same interview with USA Today. “And so during those two years I wasn’t strong, because I had to wear it 18 hours a day and I didn’t have time to be physically active.”  With reports from Agence France-Presse/Ina Sebastian/Rappler.com

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