‘AnneKapal’: What to expect from Anne Curtis’ upcoming concert

What makes Anne Curtis' singing career successful? It's all about confidence

ANNEKAPAL. Find the right song, go all out with the production, says Anne Curtis. Photo by Ira Agting/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines  As far as wordplay is concerned, Anne Curtis has gone from being “AnneBisyosa” (as in, ambitious) to being all out “AnneKapal” (as in, ang kapal, meaning over-confident). In terms of her singing, she likewise shows no signs of slowing down.

After the success of her 2011 concert and album both titled AnneBisyosa, Anne Curtis is now moving on to her second major production The Forbidden Concert: AnneKapal as well as second record The Forbidden Album is under production, and she shows no signs of slowing down. 

Anne, in a press conference held March 27, attested to the fact that she has earned the public’s support not just for her voice, but for her crazy antics and all-out productions.

Ultimately, it takes more than karaoke tunes and high-pitched ballads to make a stellar Anne Curtis production. Here are a few things to expect from Anne’s upcoming concert:

1. She won’t be taking things too seriously

For her latest concert, Anne says she’s bringing something new to the plate, something people around her thought to be more suited to her voice. The bubbly actress then proceeded to sing a line from the song “Think of Me” from Broadway musical Phantom of the Opera.

Kapal ng mukha, diba, mag-oopera, bibirit?” she joked, much to the amusement of the press. (I’m being over-confident right? Singing opera and belting out songs?)

But that, said Anne, is the point of the whole concert  to make the audience laugh.

“I just don’t want people to take me seriously,” she said, adding that her main goal is to hold a fun concert, to have the guests bringing their laughter home.

Anne shared that her true fun and “makulit” (playful) nature shines through when she sings. It’s when “Annebisyosa” comes out, she said.

2. It’s all in the song choice

Aside from finding a new genre to perform, Anne has also found the key to a great performance the right song.

According to the actress turned singer, belting out ballads isn’t the only way to be a singer. The perfect song for a person’s voice will eventually come around, and her latest single “Made in the Philippines,” proves just that.

The song, composed by singers Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, and Marcus Davis is a bubbly pop tune, somewhat similar to to Katy Perry beats. Expect to hear the song on the radio soon as it was released worldwide on March 28.

“Made in the Philippines” is part of her latest album The Forbidden Album: Anne Curtis, produced solely by the actress.

In finding suitable songs for Anne’s voice, many other singers including Christian Bautista and Teddy Corpuz, banded to create original compositions for the album.

THE FORBIDDEN CONCERT. Expect fun and laughter. Poster courtesy of Viva Live

3. Big numbers, a grand production

What should people look forward to in an Anne Curtis production?

“Definitely not my voice,” chuckled the concert’s star.

What she lacks in singing prowess she makes up for the grandeur of the production. From the costumes, to the stunts, the audience can expect a theatrical performance, meant to wow. In an Anne Curtis concert, there will always be well prepared explosive numbers, she said.

Alam ko yung mga nanonood ng concert ko, it’s not to listen to my voice.” (I know that my audience aren’t in the concert to listen to my voice) So I wanna make sure I give them a great show.” 

What she learned from her first concert experience is that people enjoy seeing crazy stunts, harnesses included. An “aliw factor” (amusing factor) is critical to a great show, she said.

AnneBisyosa, she said, will be “a mix of everything,” where every single number will be well thought of. – Rappler.com

Anne Curtis’ The Forbidden Concert: AnneKapal will be held on May 16 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available through TicketNet for P500 (General Admission), P1,000 (Upper Box B), P3,000 (Upper Box A), P4,500 (Patron C and Patron B), and P5,500 (Patron A).

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