Facebook status: Mark Zuckerberg now married

One of the world's newly minted billionaire just updated his relationship status on Facebook.

MANILA, Philippines – One of the world’s newly minted billionaire just updated his relationship status on Facebook.

The social media firm’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his own wall that he is now “married” to Priscilla Chan, his college sweetheart, on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Zuckerberg, 28, and Chan, 27, tied the knot at a small ceremony at the backyard of his Palo Alto, California home–capping a busy and zany week for the couple.

The wedding came a day after Zuckerberg took his company public in one of the most anticipated Wall Street stock offerings on Friday, May 18, while Chan graduated from medical school (pediatrics) at the University of California, San Francisco, on Monday, May 14. 

Hints of the two getting hitched started last year. Of course, Zuckerberg updated his Facebook status in all these, but kept most details ever so secret.

The couple adopted a puppy named Beast and Zuckerberg was warming up to Chan’s vegetarian dishes.

Earlier, he posted “Started Learning Mandarin Chinese” on his wall. As New Year’s resolution in 2010, he wrote that he would like to learn Mandarins as a “good intellectual challenge” and because “some members of my girlfriend’s family only speak Chinese and I wanted to be able to talk to them.”

In May 2011, Zuckerberg and Chan moved into their $7 million Palo Alto home, which sits on 5,000 square feet of property.

Their relationship status then read “in a relationship,” rather than “engaged.”

Zuckerberg gave up his trademark hoodie for a dark blue suit and tie for the “modest” wedding. They had less than 100 guests who thought they were there to celebrate Chan’s graduation, HuffPo said.

The AP reported, “A source authorized by the couple to speak said Zuckerberg himself designed the ring featuring ‘a very simple ruby.'” 

Food was served family-style and included dishes from the couple’s favorite Palo Alto sushi restaurant, according to one account.

The couple met at Harvard and have been together for more than 9 years.

Zuckerberg met Chan while in line to use the bathroom at a Harvard University party, Forbes.com reported, citing David Kirkpatrick‘s book, The Facebook Effect.

Zuckerberg dropped out of college after the site was born in a Harvard dorm room 8 years ago. Facebook eventually grew into a worldwide network of almost a billion people.

Facebook’s market worth shot up to $104 billion on its Wall Street debut, marking the largest IPO ever by an Internet firm and making it among the most valuable US firms.

Zuckerberg, who kept a controlling 58% stake, now has a networth of around $21 billion. – Rappler.com

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