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Kelly Preston defends John Travolta
The actor's wife of 20 years won't take the accusations against her husband sitting down

STRONG TOGETHER. A still from the Mother's Day video Travolta gave to Preston as his gift and profession of undying love.

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Actress Kelly Preston finally breaks her silence on the molestation accusations thrown her husband’s way by several men, mostly masseurs. 

The actress, John Travolta’s wife for 20 years, says she is not just going to sit back and listen to the false accusations against her husband. Instead, she will fight and try to clear her husband’s name.

In a 6-page spread on People magazine, Preston calls the allegations “absurd” and admits how stressed and angry she has been over the accusations.

She adds that she is worried about how their 12-year-old daughter, Ella, might get affected by the rumors.

Travolta and Preston lost their 16-year-old son, Jett, in 2009, after he suffered from a seizure. Jett lived with autism.

The coupled moved on by deciding to have another child, Benjamin, in 2010.

Preston says that if they can go through the death of a child, they can go through anything.

She recently shared the Mother’s Day video Travolta made for her, calling it his “directorial debut”:

The first two John Does who accused Travolta of sexual harrassment have dropped the case, according to The New York Post. –

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