10 photos: Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s adorable baby Zion

What was Sarah craving when she was pregnant? What did Ruffa and Raymond say? More pictures and details about baby Zion here

MANILA, Philippines –Last June 1, Richard Gutierrez finally admitted that he was a “proud father” to a boy name Zion. On June 8, Zion made his official TV debut during an episode of reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.

Though they kept a low profile in the months after Zion’s birth, Richard and girlfriend Sarah Lahbati have now granted a full-length interview to Inside Showbiz Magazine, where we learn a few more details about the couple’s journey as parents. 

1. Who does Zion resemble more? “Zion’s got my lips and my forehead, noh? Those are my prominent features,” Sarah said. Richard on the other hand, believes that Zion looked like him when he was a baby.

2. On Ruffa and Raymond’s reaction After breaking the news about Sarah’s pregnancy to his parents Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama, Richard then told his siblings. “Ruffa was extremely shocked and she had mixed emotions — like she was excited, surprised and concerned. She can’t believe that her ‘baby brother’ is now a father.”

As for his twin brother Raymond, Richard said: “He was being very objective as he always was to me, asking me about what will happen to my career and if I’m ready to take the role of the father.”

According to Richard, Raymond also reminded him to take care of Sarah and their relationship now that Zion is in their lives.

3. What was Sarah craving during her pregnancy? Richard said that during the course of Sarah’s pregnancy, she developed an appetite he did not expect. Cravings include roast chicken which according to Sarah: “Yung cravings ko wasn’t the kind that I can put off for later, I just wanted it, ASAP.  So when the chicken was served, attack naman ako agad and I ate like half of it—alone.”

4. The name Zion was taken from the Bible In coming up with names for their kid, Sarah and Richard had a deal. If it were a girl, Sarah would give the name, if it were a boy, it would be Richard.

“I wanted a name that’s more or less in the Bible, something that sounds very spiritual. When Zion came across my mind, I felt like ‘That’s it!’ It just felt perfect.”

Aside from the reference to the Bible, “Zion” also comes from a Bob Marley song Richard likes, called “Iron Lion Zion.”

5. Richard secretly wanted a boy. Richard was initially hesitant to answer if he wanted his firstborn to be a boy but eventually said yes.

“Yes, actually. I secretly wanted to have a son—another Gutierrez boy.  But for me, when Sarah was pregnant, all I prayed for was a healthy baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl. But deep down, I wanted a boy so I can easily connect with him. I could teach him sports,” the actor said.

According to the interview, Sarah and Richard seemed more happy and relaxed, with Richard calling Sarah “love” throughout the interview. And while they seem quite content with their current set-up, further developments will likely play out in their reality show and on social media, where the two are very active. – Rappler.com

All photos courtesy of Inside Showbiz magazine; full interview is in the June 2014 issue 






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