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Ramon Bautista’s tales from the ‘friend zone’

Jyle Sulit
Ramon Bautista talks about the 'pre-emptive supalpal'

MANILA, Philippines – “Hayy, pag-ibig nga naman (Oh, such is love)” says local celebrity and university professor Ramon Bautista, in the pilot episode of his new love advice program, “Tales from the Friend Zone.”

Entitled “I love you Bebelyn!,” Bautista presents the story of user PatrickIan03, a college student in love with a certain “Bebelyn”. The episode is centered around the proverbial “love problem” — the friendzone. Watch Patrick and Bebelyn’s “love story” here: 


When Patrick asks about the status of their relationship, Bebelyn has this to say, “Okay na muna kung ganito tayo. (It’s better if we stay like this first.)” 

Bautista calls Patrick’s situation a classic example of the “pre-emptive supalpal (block),”  or when a girl subtly tells a guy that she has no romantic feelings for him, and that he doesn’t stand a chance with her at all. “In short, you are not her type,” Bautista bluntly tells Patrick in Filipino. 

The radio jock/TV personality/Twitter celebrity then warns Patrick not to be too aggressive when it comes to his would-be lady love, lest he hears the words from Bebelyn herself, which Bautista assures will hurt worse than him telling the letter-sender now. Furthermore, he advises Patrick to consider what Bebelyn said as a “temporary restraining order” on his feelings.

The 4-minuter episode created by Bautista and director RA Rivera (his longtime partner-in-crime), was uploaded on May 25, 2012 on Youtube and has since reached 30,000 views. Bautista also urges people with love problems to post them on his Formspring account for future installments of the show.


Ramon Bautista, is one of the most prolific celebrity content creators in the Philippines. He rose to fame online when one of his videos, “Dan Michael Master Magician” was inadvertently uploaded online and went viral. A career as a commercial model, TV host and radio jock followed. His legions of fans follow him on Tumblr and Twitter, while his Formspring account had the most “smiles” in the world last year. He also teaches at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. –

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