Bobby Kennedy Jr.: ‘Mary beat me up.’
The Kennedy family tragedy continues with the suicide of Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s wife

LOVE LOCK DOWN. Bobby Jr. and Mary were a beautiful couple. Too bad these happy faces hid a lot of tragic secrets. Photo from

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Bobby Kennedy Jr. says his deceased wife Mary beat him up.

This was one among the many claims of Bobby Kennedy Jr. in an affidavit (confidential court document) that surfaced yesterday.

He further claims that Mary deliberately ran over and killed their dog Portia in the driveway last year, as well as told his two children (Bobby III and Kathleen Alexandra) from his first wife, Emily Ruth Black: “Everything your father does is evil and a fraud. He is an adulterer, philanderer and a sex addict.”

Mary hanged herself last month. Her body was found May 16 in the barn of the family’s Westchester estate, where her family claims she was “banished” to live since the couple’s divorce in 2010.

The affidavit suggests that Mary suffered from borderline personality disorder, something her family disputes, claiming she suffered “unbelievable emotional and psychological abuse” in the hands of her former husband. –