Joey Lawrence: From ‘Blossom’ to Chippendales
From 'TV cutie' to 'Las Vegas hottie,' this former child star says he has grown and completely in control

HE HAS IT COVERED... and uncovered. Joey Lawrence now shines with a different star. Photo from

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Generation ’80s and ’90s would remember Joey Lawrence as the teen heartthrob from the TV series “Blossom,” starring opposite Mayim Bialik (who now plays Amy Farah Fowler in the hit nerd comedy, “The Big Bang Theory”).

Many did not hear from Lawrence after “Blossom” bid goodbye in 1995 until 10 years later, when he starred opposite Melissa Joan Hart in a half-hour ABC comedy, “Melissa and Joey.”

He was also part of “Dancing with the Stars” season 3 in 2006.

Today, though, Lawrence stars in a different kind of show: as “star attraction” for the exotic male group, The Chippendales, in Las Vegas.

“I’m 36 years old and I thought, ‘Dude, why not?’,” says Lawrence in an interview with “Inside Edition.”

JOE JONAS, THAT YOU? Nope, that's Joey Lawrence in the height of his 'Blossom" fame. Photo from

Lawrence credits his love for push-ups and sit-ups for his “sculpted physique.” –

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