‘Twilight’ fans, meet Renesmee

'Twilight' introduces its youngest character

FIERCE FAMILY. The Cullens: a new vampire, a half-vampire and a true-blue vampire. Screen grab from YouTube

JACOB JOINS SECOND COVER. Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf (and Bella's best friend) Jake, joins the family. Screen grab from YouTube

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Fans who have read all the Twilight books and watched all the movies have been waiting for this: finally meeting Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s little half-human, half-vampire, Renesmee.

The role, played by 9-year-old Guess model Mackenzie Foy, is “hugely important,” according to “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” part 2 director Bill Condon.

LOVE KEEPS THEM TOGETHER. The stars of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' part 2's all-star cast. Screen grab from YouTube

Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (who plays new vampire Bella Swan) appear with Foy on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. NY Daily News coined them “a fearsome family.”

BLOODY MOTHER AND DAUGHTER. Stewart and Foy pose for the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Screen grab from YouTube

Stewart, now 22 years old, also started acting as a child, appearing in the movie “Panic Room” in 2002. Strangely, she admits that she sees a resemblance between herself and Foy.

Watch the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” part 2 trailer here:

The last installment of the saga hits theaters November 16. – Rappler.com

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